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Coca Cola add to the values soup…

Came across the latest opportune(ity) from Coca Cola today – creating a whole load of new uses for an old Coke bottle, from bubbles holder, pencil sharpener, whistle and 13 others.

coca-cola-2nd-life-hed-2014What are the values behind this?  In other words, what is motivating this?  Do I really want an empty Coke bottle sitting on my desk with an additional plastic gizmo on top to be able to sharpen my pencil?  What about the metal one I have had since secondary school that still works?  More’s to the point will I have to buy this trendy adaptation as well as a bottle of Coke in order to use it or will it fit on any plastic bottle?  What do they suggest I do with the original bottle top?

On the one hand, perhaps this is a great solution to waste – re-purposing an unwanted plastic bottle, but it appears to involve more consumption not less, and more than that, I suspect the ‘cool’ that is presumably the intention behind this will encourage some who may not have purchased Coke to go out and do so just so that they can have a novelty top to it.  What if they want all 16 of them!

This is but one example to me of the fascinating world of values – is this a brilliant idea or utterly stupid?   What do you think?  What would learners make of this?  What questions does it generate?

Share thoughts and any other examples that stir up your values.



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