A blog is all well and good and can be a useful medium for sharing ideas, beginning discussions and signposting to useful partners and resources.  We know however, that for something as complex and subtle as values and learning, nothing beats face-to-face interaction and that opportunity to take time and space to explore these issues for ourselves, with others.

We are planning a number of such opportunities in the autumn of 2014 and into 2015.  Please see below for brief information as it emerges and takes shape and if you can help that process, want to join in, want us to hold an event with you, then get in touch.


November 2014: Values and learning summit – to share practice, theory and the spaces in between with colleagues and partners interested in values and learning wherever they come from.  Events being planned for Scotland and England.

2015 Study Visit: Learning to learn through values – working with Lifeworlds Learning who have a history of designing and delivering professional study visit projects, this will provide a unique opportunity for educators to come together around learning and values.  Previous projects have attracted people from across the teaching phases and from universities and government departments.  We welcome initial interest in this to and will send more information as it is firmed up.

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